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Welcome to BIZ MONX,
The Best Work From Home Online Information site on the net !

This site is made for business people and home workers all over the world.

As Napoleon Hill once said:
DO NOT WAIT; the time will never be 'just right'.
START where you stand,
and work with whatever tools
you may have at your command,
and BETTER TOOLS will be found as you go along.
So, what are you waiting for ?
Grab your bag and REACH what you have been dreaming of, because your dream will be COME TRUE.

Here's some of info to get you started:

HOME This link will direct you to this page

ADS NETWORK  This is the section contains some lists of Ad Network sites that available on the internet. Within this section, you can find Cost Per Click Programs (CPC Programs), Cost Per Mille Programs (CPM Programs) and Cost Per Action Programs (CPA Programs) . This Ad Network sites deliver some ads to approved sites so the publishers (or webmasters) of that sites get some revenue from it

In ARTICLE SITES  section, you can write an article and get an exposure for your site by putting your site link at your article body or resource box. And also you can sell your articles at some article sites

E-FINANCE This is the E-Finance (Electronic Finance) Section. This link contain sites that offer financial solutions for us, such as deposit transactions, transfer transactions, withdrawal transactions, and other financial transactions over the internet, that would be very helpful for doing business in the internet

FREELANCE RESOURCES If you looking for a real job that you can do at your home or at your sparing time, just look at this section. Here, you can bid for a project and complete it. Then you can get payment for every project that you have completed

OTHER ONLINE OPPORTUNITY  This sub menu section is for other type of online revenue we can get from the internet. In this sub menu section, you can see:

TOOLS This link contain sites that offer valuable services for our internet business. At this moment, you can use Online Tools, Internet Archive, The Better Business Bureau (BBB): Business Rating Site, Check Your IP or Your Proxy Online Tools, Rip Off Report, DNS Stuff Online Tools, Go Daddy Whois Online Tools, E-Samuel and Domain Tools

CLOSE SITES LIST This page contains sites that has been close. By displaying here, we can see, that the risk in internet business is not only from the program owner that scam us, but also there's a risk from external causes, such payment processor problem, etc.

SCAM SITES LIST This link contain sites that doing scam, payment problem, bad track records, etc

INDONESIAN JOBS VACANCY This link contain lists of available Indonesian Jobs Vacancy that available for everyone

LINKS  This link contains very interesting sites

SITE MAP  This link show Biz Monx's site map

CONTACT ME  If you want to ask something, give critics, advice and anything else



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